We are the corporation of professional design, create, manufacture and sell the cutting tools.
        Since May 1987, we design and manufacture full-tungsten-steel cutters. The main products including:

1.   Carbide End Mills

2.   Carbide Ball End Mills

3.   Carbide Drills

4.   Carbide Reamers

5.   Carbide Spotting Drills

6.   Special Form Cutting Tools

Since Zen Wu Zheng Sun JSK was established, we always keep the quality of products, technology, innovation and service. Due to these reasons and after checking and improving the quality of products and the manufacture skills, Zen Wu Zheng Sun is approved by other corporations in the society, and the scope and accomplishment of our company is expanding.  We’ll never complacent with the accomplishment, because our business goal is to make better skills, products and develop the professional talent. We would like to lead our company to be an international one by applying information technology.

According to “Willing to Service”, our products are excellent that is approved. It’s professional selling the hardware, including the ”Throw Away Blade” and series of cutters. In the future, Zen Wu Zheng Sun will expand the business market to international and build up the brand JSK.  Rotating JSK cutting tools let the process effectiveness.